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Subject: Re: Suggestion: "ChessMaster Pro"

Author: John Merlino

Date: 18:58:05 11/06/01

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On November 06, 2001 at 11:24:11, Roy Eassa wrote:

>On November 05, 2001 at 16:38:21, Sally Weltrop wrote:
>>Nothing wrong with the King engine. All he needs is a really good book (always
>>been a problem area),implement learning & have it support EGTB. These factors
>>alone will make it considerable stronger. We've only been telling him to do that
>>for years now, one ear and out the other.
>It is somewhat understandable that they don't implement these things in the
>version of ChessMaster that is in stores and sells to the masses.  Imagine
>multi-CD, gigabytes-hogging tablebases going out to millions of consumers!
>Instead, how about a special "Chessmaster Pro" with the EXACT SAME ENGINE, but
>with the following differences:
>1. Endgame tablebases

In the next version.

>2. Specially-prepared opening book, for strong play against top humans and
>against other computers

A new opening book will be in the next version, but it won't be created
specifically as an anti-computer book. It will be in the same "style" as the
previous book (i.e. eclectic/thorough), but it will be much larger (at least by
a factor of 6).

>3. Book/position learning

Not for the next version.

>4. Includes a WinBoard version

It's already there, of sorts. ;-) However, there are no plans for a version of
The King that will work (easily) outside of the CM GUI. We need to ensure that
the engine cannot be used by people who do not have the full program.

>5. Includes a ChessBase version (perhaps)

Not for the next version.

>They could sell this package only via the web site, charge more for it, and aim
>it at the same audience who buy Fritz, Junior, Tiger, Shredder, etc. -- i.e.,
>the chess-computer people and the high-end serious chess players.  Since it
>would be a separate product (but would not require improving the engine), it
>wouldn't risk damaging the mass-market appeal and apparent commercial success >of the normal ChessMaster product.
>John?  Anybody?

The main problem is the cost, and the simple fact that the program would almost
certainly not sell enough copies to justify its existence. What HAS been
discussed is a sort of "Chessmaster Light", which would ONLY have the Game Room.
No tutorials, no database, no rated games or tournaments, etc. However, once
again, this program would almost certainly not sell enough copies to justify

At least, that's the common opinion,


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