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Subject: Re: Suggestion: "ChessMaster Pro"

Author: alfred palang

Date: 13:25:21 11/07/01

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On November 06, 2001 at 21:58:05, John Merlino wrote:

>On November 06, 2001 at 11:24:11, Roy Eassa wrote:
>>On November 05, 2001 at 16:38:21, Sally Weltrop wrote:
>>>Nothing wrong with the King engine. All he needs is a really good book (always
>>>been a problem area),implement learning & have it support EGTB. These factors
>>>alone will make it considerable stronger. We've only been telling him to do that
>>>for years now, one ear and out the other.
>>It is somewhat understandable that they don't implement these things in the
>>version of ChessMaster that is in stores and sells to the masses.  Imagine
>>multi-CD, gigabytes-hogging tablebases going out to millions of consumers!
>>Instead, how about a special "Chessmaster Pro" with the EXACT SAME ENGINE, but
>>with the following differences:
>>1. Endgame tablebases
>In the next version.
>>2. Specially-prepared opening book, for strong play against top humans and
>>against other computers
>A new opening book will be in the next version, but it won't be created
>specifically as an anti-computer book. It will be in the same "style" as the
>previous book (i.e. eclectic/thorough), but it will be much larger (at least by
>a factor of 6).
>>3. Book/position learning
>Not for the next version.
>>4. Includes a WinBoard version
>It's already there, of sorts. ;-) However, there are no plans for a version of
>The King that will work (easily) outside of the CM GUI. We need to ensure that
>the engine cannot be used by people who do not have the full program.
>>5. Includes a ChessBase version (perhaps)
>Not for the next version.
>>They could sell this package only via the web site, charge more for it, and aim
>>it at the same audience who buy Fritz, Junior, Tiger, Shredder, etc. -- i.e.,
>>the chess-computer people and the high-end serious chess players.  Since it
>>would be a separate product (but would not require improving the engine), it
>>wouldn't risk damaging the mass-market appeal and apparent commercial success >of the normal ChessMaster product.
>>John?  Anybody?
>The main problem is the cost, and the simple fact that the program would almost
>certainly not sell enough copies to justify its existence. What HAS been
>discussed is a sort of "Chessmaster Light", which would ONLY have the Game Room.
>No tutorials, no database, no rated games or tournaments, etc. However, once
>again, this program would almost certainly not sell enough copies to justify
>At least, that's the common opinion,
How about endgame bases? I think it would be nice to have it on Chessmaster 9000
and probably more lessons.

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