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Subject: Re: Intelligent software, please

Author: Steve Maughan

Date: 05:30:48 11/26/01

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>One recent example: Century 4 eval is more speculative than previous versions.
>Why? Because I believe (confirmed by my test results) that the program can
>handle it because of the mixture of smart search and fast hardware. A deep
>search simply filters out most of the "too speculative errors" of eval and
>the net result is a better, even more attractive chess engine.

Interesting.  One similar thing I've got on my to-do list is to look at chnaging
the size of the positional terms based on search depth.  As an example, suppose
you have a routine for trapped pieces.  If you detect a trapped or semi trapped
piece at ply=2 then it would seem silly to give it as big a positional penalty
as if you found it at ply=15.  In other words if you find it at ply=15 and it is
significant enough to make it into the PV then it probably is really trapped,
however if you are at ply=2 there is a real chance that the peice may not be
trapped at all - hence the evaulation is *really* speculative.  It's easy to see
this with something like a trapped piece but can one extrapolate it to *all*
positional terms?  I don't know I haven't tinkered yet.

One other question - at blitz or bullet chess was the 'Old' Rebel with the extra
horizon knowledge still the same strength as the 'New' Rebel without the horizon


Steve Maughan

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