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Subject: About qsearch...

Author: Severi Salminen

Date: 11:46:44 12/27/01

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>The search techniques are similiar to TSCP except
>limiting the qsearch to 7 plies
>I believe that it is illogical to let the qsearch to explode
>and it is also illogical to let it to explode only when the
>program search deeper.
>Qsearch is selective search and if you search many plies
>forward then you cannot trust your score and
>if you cannot trust your score there is no logical reason
>to waste more nodes in order to find a score and
>it seems better to me to save time and to
>return static evaluation.

In my opinion, on the other hand, it is illogical to actually limit qsearch.
1. qsearch will termainate automatically (and usually quite quickly) when there
are no captures left: so no need for depth limiting. 2. the point in qsearch is
to carry the position on to a quiet situation. If you limit it too early it will
surely yield wrong result by returning a static score in a non-quiet position.
It is illogical to trust qsearch the first 7 plies and then stop trusting it (if
you understand what I mean). Limiting qsearch is, in my opinion, same as making
it almost useless. I'm sure a version with limits will play worse (well, not
sure at all, actually...)than the other. So, could you test it, it would be very
interesting to see the results.

SEE will of course improve qsearch much more and it will help to reduce the node


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