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Subject: Re: Very easy mate to solve.

Author: leonid

Date: 18:51:56 12/27/01

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Hi, Heiner!

>>Just look into fact that with new depth procedure of search will be changed.
>>Specialized files, for instance, will be at new depth. Somewhere it can bring
>>different search sequence and with it even better time for higher depth.
>Aah!  Yes, you have a point, here.

I tried today last position once again but starting this time search from 3
moves like, (3 4 5...). When before it was, (4 5 6...). Now I could see that
previous time for your program was wrong and your specilized plys work much,
much better that I could see previously. Fantastic!!!!! When before I found 0.11
sec for 4 moves, now I could see 0.0 sec.

This finding could signify that my guessing about ten fold possible speeding of
mate solver is very sober expectation. It reality, it could be much higher.

In the next position that I wrote yesterday, old tendency is more that present.
Our speed for 4 moves (all condition are the same) is around 9 times in your
favor. Mine at 4 moves is 0.44 sec. and your 0.05 sec. Even if mine have here
chance to have somehow better branching factor it reach your time only at 9
moves. Initial speed is really vital.

[D]3k4/3qqqrp/N1qq3R/NQ1Q3q/n2qNRPQ/n7/B6b/BqQrQbQK w - -

My time in general:

Move            Time            Branching factor            NPS.

4               0.439 sec                                   38k
5               2.14 sec                                    36k
6               9.94 sec                                    36k
7               52.8 sec                                    49k
8               4 min 8 sec                                 57k
9               35 min 13 sec                               64k

Mate found in 10 moves at 1 hour 53 min.


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