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Subject: Re: is the

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 08:07:56 07/30/98

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On July 30, 1998 at 09:20:54, Bruce Moreland wrote:

>On July 30, 1998 at 08:52:47, Robert Hyatt wrote:
>>But the conversion is well worth the trouble, because we have NT machines that
>>have been up for months at a time.  We never had a win95 machine stay up for a
>>whole day in our labs...
>I don't understand this situation.  I do all kinds of weird things on mine,
>including running brutal video games that take over the whole machine, and it is
>pretty stable.
>I can crash it, but if I stick with the apps that I normally use, it doesn't

It could be that you have a more stable version...  what I run is the version
Gateway shipped when I bought my P6/200 for home.  In our labs, we had a similar
version, and had our lab folks record crashes/hangs/reboots..

We became convinced that NT was the way to go, especially in open labs where
software can be stolen or added trivially on 95, but not on NT.  We've not
regretted the change...

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