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Subject: Re: Ruffian 0.76 is still playing incredible strong!

Author: Uri Blass

Date: 03:56:31 09/21/02

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On September 21, 2002 at 06:14:32, Mogens Larsen wrote:

>On September 21, 2002 at 06:08:36, pavel wrote:
>>It is also possible that he is not aware of this forum (or others).
>This forum isn't exactly the center of the Universe or an abundance of chess
>programming ideas. Mostly a commercial FAQ, basement tournaments and the usual
>collection of unsubstantiated allogations. If Ruffian is as strong as the
>results indicate, the quality of this club wouldn't be of much use ;-).


You think that the value of the forum is only to help the author and if it
cannot help him the forum is not of much use.

It is the case if the author wants to be commercial or if the author has not a
very strong chess program but if the author wants to release very strong program
as freeware the use of the forum is the opposite and the author should use the
forum to help other people.

I still do not believe that Ruffian is going to be freeware and even in case
that I am wrong I am going to be careful to download it as a freeware without a
source code because I am going to suspect that it includes a virus.

I cannot know and the same may be for other chess programs but the behaviour of
other programmers when they release something that has not significant
commercial value seems rational to me.

I cannot trust somebody that I know nothing about him and I do not understand
his behaviour.


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