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Subject: Re: No interdisciplinary at all, it's just about NN

Author: Thorsten Czub

Date: 14:10:55 07/06/03

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On July 06, 2003 at 14:57:41, Andrei Fortuna wrote:

>>Your analysis seems to be right to the point.
>>I think it is also clear now to everyone. So the clown continues to talk...
>>alone in the void.

Hi christophe. yes.
but only a fool person would insist on something for more than 7 years.

NO NORMAL person ever would go into a computerchess scene and try to convince
the people there that he is sane and insult people for more than 7 years,
i am really worried that this guy runs arround outside (in muenster and
surround) and nobody knows how ill he is and he maybe gets really ill patients
and completely destroys the healing of those crazy people with his own ill

this guy is IMO a danger to the society and if this continues i will shut him
down. it cannot be that a crazy person like him is allowed to work with
crazy people or people who need help. can you imagine how a person that is ill
or crazy will end with asking HIM for help ??

IMO this will be a disaster.

Since i know at least ONE person i don't wanna see into his crazy fingers,
i will stop this.

all his whining here in the forum is annoying, but it is no real danger.
but we should not forget that he really is a danger to the real people OUTSIDE.
to those who need really help and believe he could give the help.

>Can't you ban him from posting here ?

we try to shut him down for many years by now.
first he appeared in RGCC in 1996 and called all the people i mentioned an
"international group of organised fascist". That was really unbelievable.
We found out that he is a psychologyst working in muenster in germany.
we complained to his provider, many times. but he was like a plague.
Ed Schroeder even tried to law-suit him.

IMO this guy is nuts.
i have not seen ONE computerchess contribution of him in all the time since
1996. I even tried to help him by giving him webspace on my homepage and
allowing him to write a collumn. i thought this would help to heal his trauma.
but the opposite was the case. instead of beeing healed he misused the space to
insult bob and bruce and and and . so i threw him out again.

he is insane.
and the problem is IMO that he continues his OFF TOPIC whining for such a long
time by now. this shows HOW ill he is.

I will call the department of health in his town again and warn them about him.
he is a danger not only for himself, he is a danger for those arround him.

>I think it more or less breaks the first 3
>rules of the messages allowed here (see the FAQ) : his posts are not about
>computer chess, are abusive in nature and contain personal attacks on others.


especially since THIS forum was only build to get rid of people like him.
that made it especially interesting for him to become a member here.
but the more he posts here, the more obviously his desease came.
his method has not changed in all the years.

he is so open like a book.
you can read all the complexes of him when he posts.

>Of course he can create another account with another name but that kind of takes
>time and also I think his goal is to post that insulting posts under his name so
>you'll it's from him.

yes. we tried this many years before.

it did not help.
the only way is IMO to lawsuit him in germany.
we should collect a lawsuit against him.
we are enough people.

>Or don't ever respond to his posts. But this is hard to obey - when you're under
>public attack it's hard to stay put and not to defend (not to mention the
>prejudice that false claims make to your reputation).
>Isn't this the reason that CCC was created ?

yes. HE (Rolf Tüschen) is the reason this forum was build.
Ed Schroeder and many others (me inclusive) were the founders of this club.
He destroyed our computerchess talks in RGCC. so we did this password protected
forum. Steven Schwartz was so nice to create it.

>Because too many personal attacks
>were allowed on rgcc ?

Rolf is the force we try to defend against since 1996.

as you can see we cannot do much against a mad person like him.

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