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Subject: Re: No interdisciplinary at all, it's just about NN

Author: Andrei Fortuna

Date: 11:57:41 07/06/03

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On July 06, 2003 at 14:24:23, Christophe Theron wrote:

>On July 06, 2003 at 07:08:24, Thorsten Czub wrote:
>>On July 05, 2003 at 04:32:25, Alessandro Damiani wrote:
>>>Take it easy, Christophe. Rolf is just more interested in talking than in neural
>>>networks or computer chess....and through his talking you can look into his ego,
>>>into his soul.
>>the sad thing is that we have to STAND this egomaniac and has TALKS about
>>people who DO computerchess since 1996 now.
>>I get rid of his gossip and "philosophical/psychological" gossip
>>that has only ONE message: Me - Rolf Tüschen, i am the greatest , and you
>>will now be pissed by my latest post. And i will teach you how to analyse this
>>behaviour of yours from the Scientific point of view of a nuts german
>>When will this stop please. We all came into the situation of this "special
>>treatment":  Bob Hyatt, Ed Schroeder, Enrique Irazoqui, Peter Hertrich, Dirk
>>Frickenschmidt, Moritz Berger, Chris Whittington, Peter Gillgasch, ...and now
>>I find it pretty boring and also off-topic. it begins with a "question of a
>>newbie" and ends with senseless insults against your father, your work or your
>>political point of views or your education.
>>And in any sentence you can see the headline: Rolf Tüschen, the big scientist
>>knows it all, but ask harmless questions to educate the stupid readers.
>>This is what he understands under "computerchess".
>>Its gossip about the people who do computerchess.
>>i hope we can survive this.
>Your analysis seems to be right to the point.
>I think it is also clear now to everyone. So the clown continues to talk...
>alone in the void.

Can't you ban him from posting here ? I think it more or less breaks the first 3
rules of the messages allowed here (see the FAQ) : his posts are not about
computer chess, are abusive in nature and contain personal attacks on others.

Of course he can create another account with another name but that kind of takes
time and also I think his goal is to post that insulting posts under his name so
you'll it's from him.

Or don't ever respond to his posts. But this is hard to obey - when you're under
public attack it's hard to stay put and not to defend (not to mention the
prejudice that false claims make to your reputation).

Isn't this the reason that CCC was created ? Because too many personal attacks
were allowed on rgcc ?


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