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Subject: Verified Null-moving

Author: Tor Lattimore

Date: 21:21:42 08/11/04

I have been fiddling arround with my nullmove pruning lately. I have tried both
R=2, R=3 and R=3 with verifications.

Average ply on WAC, 1 second a move P IV, 512 MB ram:
R=2      9.5
R=3      10.5
R=3 with verification      10.2

However R=3 had a terrible success rate (135 or so), R=2 got 147 and R=3 with
verification got 143. What do other people use here? and what sort of
improvments do you get? The extra ply may be worth the puzzle sacrifice, but i'm
not convinced i'm really *getting* the extra ply.

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