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Subject: Fidelity Sensory Chess Challenger 8

Author: eric guttenberg

Date: 17:32:44 02/20/05

Some time ago I picked up a Fidelity Sensory Chess Challenger 8 from a
second-hand store for 3 whole dollars. Actually, when I got it I didn't
know which model it was as it came without a manual. But eventually I
was able to identify it and I located a site from which I was able to purchase
the manual.

The machine works fine although it is of course a pushover for any
reasonably good player. I suspect it is about 25 or more years old.

So..a plain plastic machine, weak chess, very few options, a minimal
opening book and yet I am fascinated by it. Maybe because of the fact that of
all the chess computers I have, this is the only really old one...
from an era when the fact that a machine could play a coherent game
of chess seemed a miracle in itself.


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