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Subject: Re: A challenge by Ingo Althofer

Author: Theo van der Storm

Date: 03:17:19 03/05/05

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On March 04, 2005 at 10:15:35, Ingo Althofer wrote:

>Dear Theo,
>thanks for your nice posting, but ...
>> Subject: Ein Stein Wuerfelt nicht (One stone doesn't throw dice)
>> Posted by Theo van der Storm (Profile) on March 03, 2005 at 16:22:45:
>> It was good fun.
>> Gerd tought me the game. We played the game quickly.
>> .....

>Until here, everything is fine. (Perhaps the translation of the
>game's title to English would be a bit more precise by writing
>"A single stone does not throw dice".)


>But now you write something that cries for a revenge ;-)
>> By the way, I discarded Ingo Althöfer's strategic advice
>> - as explained by Gerd and others - right away and played my own strategy.

>You must have had a bandwaggon full of luck with the dice.

Thank you.

>(The same had Dan Wulff in Paderborn against me...)

Must be. Anyone else?

>So, I challenge you for a demonstration game, right here
>in the public CCC forum.
>Please, allow me for the first move, because I give you my
>starting position in advance. Here it comes:

Hmm. The first move may still be an advantage for you...

>1 6 3 - -
>5 2 - - -
>4 - - - x
>- - - x x
>- - x x x
>(The diagram is seen best with constant-width font.)
>How will we roll the dice?
>Let's do it artificially: We take the count of seconds
>in the "ccc-clock", modulo 6.
>Here mod=1 means 1, mod=2 means 2, ..., mod=0 means 6.
>So, for instance 16:22:45 is 45(mod6)=3 mod6, so a "3".
>In your reply you may fill the "x"-es with your numbers,
>and the second-counter of your message will give me the
>first roll of my dice.  Ok?
>PS: When you win this game, you get a free (small)
>glass copy of the game.

You are not allowed to use a computerprogram.
I do not have such a program.
When you win, you have your revenge.
Game ON!

1 6 3 - -
5 2 - - -
4 - - - 2
- - - 3 1
- - 4 6 5

Good Game,

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