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Subject: Re: The language barrier........

Author: Christopher Conkie

Date: 07:46:41 05/30/05

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I'm afraid not Peter.

Every one here knows what your "emails" are like as well, after the one that you
falsified from your website host and posted in this forum some time ago.

If you got a reply from Symantec you will be able to say who you spoke to there
and will be able to post that one as well. I also have no idea whatsoever why
you are so hellbent on proving that the worm was an accident and that the Fafis
author is right. Could it be that Fafis was in CCT7? It is irrelevant anyway,
even if that is not your reason.

We have seen no explanation from the Fafis author anywhere as to how this came
to be. He has been given every opportuinity both privately and in this public
place to explain.

I have also done all that can be done to show you that this worm does not work
like that. Also to you I say as well......once again.......

This is a worm, not a virus.

If you want to post the mail from Symantec please do, I however think that it is
like most other things that come from you, complete fiction. You will of course
be able to forward the original mail to me as well, won't you? :-)

Doubtful. But if you can, do it.

We are looking at all things, not just the worm. We are looking at the engine
output, the debug, the disassembly etc......

There has been no satifactory answer from the author. I do have a mail from him
although that if you read it would nail this thing down completely.

So far as I am concerned when ALL evidence is put together it is very
compelling. I won't be using Fafis again. I suggest you do the same.

One must always respect author's original works. I do not support those who


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