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Subject: Re: The superior Rybka chess knowledge (With Corrections)

Author: Ernst Walet

Date: 00:00:07 01/19/06

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On January 19, 2006 at 02:38:50, Tony Thomas Karippa wrote:

>On January 18, 2006 at 16:36:09, Rolf Tueschen wrote:
>>On January 18, 2006 at 16:30:58, Tony Thomas Karippa wrote:
>>>Most people would agree with me if I say you are the one that's wrong.
>>Yes, but they will also remember the voices from Paderborn which said "No, we
>>wont bust Rybka in the late endgames, we dont want to be unfair." Was that
>>promotion in Paderborn or sports? (Socrates speaking...)
>Who said that? Chilly pepper? Or Zappa?

I have stated, as operator of Rybka, that:

1 Rybka was never challenged this way (if applicable).
2 There was a very pleasant atmosphere.
3 I nevertheless would have no problem if someone had tried it.

My conclusion was that it was considered sportmanship not to push Rybka to this
point. RT has difficulties with that.


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