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Subject: Re: When is 1.1 out?? Feb 20 is already gone!........(NT)

Author: Paulo Cesar Soares

Date: 13:27:43 02/27/06

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Just my opinion:

1 - I saw that Fruit was the first in the SSDF list.
    I was impressed, because it was a new and unknow engine.
    I bought Fruit(thanks by the good suport Joachim!).
2 - I saw Rybka and Zappa with good results
    in some tournaments.
3 - I decided to buy Rybka and also Fritz9(Chessbase didnĀ“t return
    for me, but my credit card was ok).
4 - I decided, after five years, to enter in CCC to know more about Fruit,
    Rybka and Zappa.
5 - I observed that people consider Rybka a super engine.
6 - Rybka wins the WCCT8.
7 - Was not the answer that you wait ?

I think that is better for us to leave Vas work without pression.

Paulo Soares

On February 27, 2006 at 15:43:25, Jim Bond wrote:

>Hi Vas,
>I went to the website too and I don't see anything addressing the delay.
>I understand you may be burned out after a tournament but at least you owe your
>customers your explanation.

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