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Subject: Re: When is 1.1 out?? Feb 20 is already gone!........(NT)

Author: Jim Bond

Date: 14:48:58 02/27/06

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On February 27, 2006 at 16:27:43, Paulo Cesar Soares wrote:

>Just my opinion:
>1 - I saw that Fruit was the first in the SSDF list.
>    I was impressed, because it was a new and unknow engine.
>    I bought Fruit(thanks by the good suport Joachim!).

Fruit had been a very good engine but it is not the best.  I downloaded Fruit
2.1 and there was no incentive to buy 2.2.

>2 - I saw Rybka and Zappa with good results
>    in some tournaments.

Rybka was amazing at cct8 and I am impressed.  Rybka is GOOD!, despite the flaws
about underpromotion and some ending game and stale mate problems.

>3 - I decided to buy Rybka and also Fritz9(Chessbase didnĀ“t return
>    for me, but my credit card was ok).

I didn't buy Fritz9 because chessbase tends to be a drag to get fixes and better
versions.  And Fritz9 is not the best despite the hypes.

>4 - I decided, after five years, to enter in CCC to know more about Fruit,
>    Rybka and Zappa.

Fruit and Rybka are good for consumers.  Zappa is questionable.

>5 - I observed that people consider Rybka a super engine.

Yes, it is a super engine at least at this time.

>6 - Rybka wins the WCCT8.

That is a name but how good it is if the delivery promises are broken
indefinitely for customers.  Now May????

>7 - Was not the answer that you wait ?

The answer I am waiting for is exactly what Vas had promised: the under
promotion fix and Rybka plays ending game like a pro.

>I think that is better for us to leave Vas work without pression.

The question is how long?  The promise was Feb 22 and people have paid the
money.  It is now moved to May?  Customers will need explanation from Vas if
they are not delivered within the next week.

>Paulo Soares
>On February 27, 2006 at 15:43:25, Jim Bond wrote:
>>Hi Vas,
>>I went to the website too and I don't see anything addressing the delay.
>>I understand you may be burned out after a tournament but at least you owe your
>>customers your explanation.

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