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Subject: Re: WCCC and some NPS observations

Author: Torstein Hall

Date: 12:44:18 06/23/99

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On June 23, 1999 at 15:08:12, blass uri wrote:

>On June 23, 1999 at 14:27:31, Thorsten Czub wrote:
>>Fritz and Junior make their mistakes when their score is
>>draw-like. the draw score shows: i have no idea what happens.
>>and it appears almost every move :-))
>In most of their games in WCCC they won so it does not appear in most of the
>Wrong scores may appear in positions that they do not have the right evaluation.
>Wrong scores may be draw scores but may be also other scores.
>I do not agree that the draw score shows that they have no idea what happens.
>There are many cases when a draw score is showing that the position is a draw
>and many other cases when a draw score is showing equal position with practical
>chances for both sides.
>Junior won most of the games in WCCC
>and it did not play against weak opponents(all the opponents of Junior scored
>more than 50%)
>I think that it drew a game against Hiarcs because of bad opening preperation
>(Junior showed negative evaluation out of book).
>It also lost against Fritz because of bad opening preperation of GM boris
>Alterman gave Junior the right line and Junior had a winning position out of
>book but alterman did not give it more moves so Junior did not know how to
>continue because alterman's idea is too deep also for other programs so Junior
>could not see it.
>I think that most humans also cannot find the idea of alterman if you do not
>give them more details.

What is the right plan for white after 17.Qh4!?
In the game where Fritz played 17...Nb4 and after 18.Bxb4(?) it looked like
Fritz had easy and great game all the way!


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