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Subject: Re: WCCC and some NPS observations

Author: Bruce Moreland

Date: 19:03:50 06/23/99

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On June 23, 1999 at 17:35:56, Torstein Hall wrote:

>On June 23, 1999 at 17:32:26, Thorsten Czub wrote:
>>On June 23, 1999 at 17:27:58, blass uri wrote:
>>>>>There is *no* ChessBase in the list of WCCC participants. There are 4 (or more)
>>>>>different authors - for Fritz, Junior, Hiarcs and Nimzo separately.
>>if there was no chessBase "ON THE LIST", but all 4 programs using
>>the chessbase user-interface, why was
>>friedel there, wüllenweber there, and why was hiarcs not operated
>>by the programmer but by somebody from working for chessBase.
>>if there was no chessBase "on the list".
>>lächerlich sowas.
>Of course chessbase has a financial interest in that enignes running in their
>interface do well, but its still four different programs, written by 4 authors.
>Do you hate them for some reason?

That last question is going to start a forest fire and everyone is going to get
on Thorsten and he'll probably get kicked out of here again.

Chessbase is obviously the 500 pound gorilla of computer chess.  They are
clearly the Microsoft of this field, which is an odd thing for me to say since I
used to work for Microsoft, but I think that it fits.

They have several strong engines.  They have a nice interface.  They sell a lot
of copies.

And they have something that Microsoft doesn't have, they  have an attached
consumer magazine that seems to be the dominant magazine of this type in
Germany, which is a major market.

You can't go to one of these tournaments without hearing a lot of strange
Chessbase/CSS stories.  The rest of these publishers are strange, too, but
Chessbase seems to be the most aggressive.


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