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Subject: Djordje's Paradox

Author: KarinsDad

Date: 08:38:47 07/23/99

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On July 23, 1999 at 06:51:30, Djordje Vidanovic wrote:

>:I'd hope that nonsensical situations like this don't happen.  In this case I
>:agree that we are pretty close to having that happen.  This is not a problem
>:with the moderation framework here, it is a problem between Fernando and I,
>:that Fernando has seen fit to turn into a public issue, rather than working it
>:out with me.
>This was a quote from Bruce Moreland.  I am afraid that he has not noted the
>paradox in his comment that turns against him.  Namely, he says that Fernando
>saw the deletion of the post as a sufficient excuse to turn it into a public
>issue, forgetting that it was him who had first made a public issue of
>Fernando's post by deleting it.
>BTW, I believe that Bruce did not achieve what he wanted: the postings on the
>deletion are numerous and Bruce's inbox is getting overcrowded;  he was close to
>insulting Fernando by describing the act of his resignation as self-imolation;

It was self-immolation.

>he helped kindle a split between "permissive" and "strict" members of the forum.

The split was already there as can be seen by the voting.

>I am a permissive member of the forum and see no harm in the ocassional joke or
>two, on condition the member in question contributes to the forum in a
>constructive way otherwise.  And we all know Fernando's passion while his
>regular contributions speaks for themselves.
>And, last but not least:  I would like to thank Fernando Villeges publicly for
>being a wonderful human being and hosting my daughter, Alexandra, in his home
>for the past two months.  He helped when the bombs were killing people in my
>country and has been a substitute father for her in Santiago.  My family is now
>split up:  my wife and I are in Italy now, homeless, but with friends, and our
>daughter is in Chile.  We are hoping for a soon reunion and peace.

Nobody is saying that Fernando does not contribute and that he is not a fine

I am saying that NO moderator, myself included, is above the charter. If we
three moderators are going along with the policy that a moderator could delete
an inappropriate post and then send an Email explaining the reason to the person
responsible (which Fernando did not disagree with and which Bruce did in this
circumstance), then it DOES NOT MATTER that the poster is a moderator or any
other member. Moderators AGREED to the charter JUST LIKE everyone else.

I think the fact that Fernando is so well liked clouds people's rational
judgement. If I would have posted it and Bruce would have deleted it, I would
have said "Oops". Fernando knew that it was off topic. Fernando knew that if was
off color. Fernando is the guy who sent an Email to Bruce afterwards telling him
(in unpleasant terms) how Bruce is trying to control things. Fernando is the guy
who started this particular mess we are in by resigning publically and by
pointing fingers at Bruce while he did it. And Fernando is the guy who reposted
it in Spanish (which is just a way of thumbing your nose at the moderators and
ignoring their decisions; that was just plain rude).

Just resigning for personal reasons would have been fine and we wouldn't be
talking about this junk today.

Am I the only one who thinks it is absurd to start such a mess over such a
stupid little post?

And it is getting a little old that people like yourself keep defending Fernando
because of who he is and not based on what he did. Pretend that it was some
person whom you absolutely dispise on this forum and ask yourself if you still
would have defended him. If the answer is yes, then I guess you do not believe
in the CCC charter either (although you agreed to it like everyone else when you
signed up).

KarinsDad :|

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