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Subject: Re: Djordje's Paradox

Author: Djordje Vidanovic

Date: 09:27:27 07/23/99

Go up one level in this thread

If you only took a look at what I wrote you'd be able to read that I defended
Fernando on the basis of what had been said and written and *only later* added
my words of gratitude, in a separate paragraph.

However, if you are asking me if I like Fernando as a person, I am saying yes.
It is a commonplace in any kind of serious discussion to acknowledge the
existence of prior biasedness, as both I and you have revealed in our postings.
As you are referring to the charter, please be so kind as to inform me which
article of the charter was *unambiguously* violated.


And it is getting a little old that people like yourself keep defending Fernando
because of who he is and not based on what he did. Pretend that it was some
person whom you absolutely dispise on this forum and ask yourself if you still
would have defended him. If the answer is yes, then I guess you do not believe
in the CCC charter either (although you agreed to it like everyone else when you
signed up).

KarinsDad :|

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