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Subject: Opening Preparation in CCT1

Author: Andrew Williams

Date: 03:57:58 02/10/00

Here's a quick question: What opening preparations did other programmers make
for CCT1? I'm interested mostly in the other "amateur" programmers, but I'd
also like to know how/if the professionals prepared.

In PostModernist's case I decided that if I was drawn against a professional
program I would go out of my way to try to find an opening it wasn't happy
with, but with the other amateur programs, I would not bother. So, using the
excellent chess database, Scid, I prepared White and  Black tournament books
based on the openings with which PM had had most success on ICC (I had a
database of > 9000) games. I was surprised to find that there is quite a
difference between PM's results with 1.d4 and 1.e4

My first opportunity for a bit of book-cooking was against Shredder. PM has
beaten Shredder (account vodka) three times on ICC, so I added these three
games to my book to see what happened... The result was that Shredder evaded
my "home preparation" on move one!

Immediately after Shredder I was drawn against Diep, but I stupidly forgot that
Vincent's program is for sale, so I didn't do anything to prepare for Vinctent's
expected 1. d4 d5  2. a3  I'm not claiming PM would  have won, but it might have
put up a better show than it did in this game.

After the first weekend, I looked again at some of the lines in my book and
again using Scid's excellent "Tree Search Mode" I made some extensions to the
lines in my tournament book.

The only other "professional" I played was Junior, but there was a late pairing
change and I only had a few minutes before the game, so I couldn't have done
anything anyway.

Interestingly, against two of my later opponents, Grok and EXchess, PM ended up
in openings that it had lost recently against these opponents. I wonder whether
this was deliberate or just coincidence? Peter? Dan?

I think that possibly I was just wasting my time with all this "work", but
I must say that it contributed to my enjoyment of the whole event.

Andrew Williams

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