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Subject: If you like to solve average mate position...

Author: leonid

Date: 06:57:29 01/25/01


If you like to solve some average mate position...

[D]R1brkrnR/1N1qqqb/3qqq1B/1B1bQNbQ/1bn1Q2B/3Q1Q2/3Q1Q2/1K6 w - -

Please indicate your result.

If you can depose here just one forced mate position from some world chess
championship, it will be nice. Indicate exactly where this competition happened.
I speak about championship where human found forced mate. Never mind if this
championship was between two humans or man and machine. It could give an
opportinity to see which program is best in real life situation. Even more that
this, it will permit to tune selective search for forced mate to make it more


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