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Subject: Authors and programs. The compiled list

Author: Peter Fendrich

Date: 10:09:47 05/13/98

a lot of good chess programmers are here!

My initial purpose with this was to know what people meant with
statements like "My program plays this and that..." so my interest was
ongoing projects. Not the record of programmers.
That should exlude Cray Blitz, Socrates and RexChess? But I have no
problems with extending the list with history and even programmers
outside CCC, later on.
Lets start with the current chess program projects by people within CCC!

Amir Ban              Junior
David Blackman        Desperado
Ole Kjaer Christensen Sigma Chess
Don Dailey            Cilkchess
Vincent Diepeveen     Diep
Ulrich Tuerke         Comet
Peter Fendrich	      Terra
Ernst A. Heinz        DarkThought
Bob Hyatt             Crafty
Stefan Meyer-Kahlen   Shredder
Bruce Moreland        Ferret
Franz Morsch	      Fritz
Roland Pfister        Patzer
Frank Schneider       Gromit
Ed Schröder           Rebel
Lenard Spencer        Skunk
John Stanback         Zarkov
Christophe Theron     Chess Tiger
(This looks as a table for me, but maybe not for you...)

Some questions to you all:
 Thorsten and Fernando, you have both contributed with great values to
the chess computer society but not by programming - or?

 How about Markus Gille? Is he a Co-programmer of DarkThought? Is he a


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