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Subject: Re: Don't pay DeKoening any more currency until he improves the King engine!

Author: Sally Weltrop

Date: 13:38:21 11/05/01

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On November 04, 2001 at 15:34:40, Jason Williamson wrote:

>Dude, the engine is improved.  Its just not quite in the same league as the
>other commercials.  IE, Fritz and Tiger.  This isn't a knock at Chessmaster,
>since lets face it, the King sells well because its the only mass marketed
>engine.  And the fact that a major software company is distrubuting it is good
>for computer chess as a whole, as it increases awareness in the field.  To some
>exent anyway ;)

Nothing wrong with the King engine. All he needs is a really good book (always
been a problem area),implement learning & have it support EGTB. These factors
alone will make it considerable stronger. We've only been telling him to do that
for years now, one ear and out the other.

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