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Subject: What are the best benefits given by ChessBase or TascBase?

Author: Eran

Date: 09:39:17 05/31/98


Since I am a positional player favoring slow games in Rebel9, I do not
know whether I need ChessBase or TascBase and why.  In addition, I do
not know exactly what the purpose of ChessBase or TascBase is.  I never
bought one of them before; I am not sure whether I will buy one until I
fully understand why ChessBase or TascBase is so important to any strong
positional player.

What are the best benefits given by ChessBase, TascBase, or any other
database software?  Are they very helpful to any strong chess player?
If so, how?  Please give me several examples how any strong positional
chess player manages ChessBase or TascBase to gain benefits in chess.

Which is the best chess database software, ChessBase, TascBase, or any
other one, and why?

The reason I am considering very carefully about any other commercial
database software is that they have several million games comparing to
Rebel's Topbase database file that has only about 116,000 games and that
is not enough.  On the other hand, the commercial chess database
software is quite expensive.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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