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Subject: Re: Ruffian 0.76 is still playing incredible strong!

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 14:42:36 09/19/02

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On September 19, 2002 at 16:02:31, Ricardo Gibert wrote:

>On September 19, 2002 at 15:48:13, Sean Mintz wrote:
>>I don't think he's accusing anyone of anything. Things like this naturally breed
>That may not have been his intention, but the programmers name is nevertheless
>being tainted by the discussion being done publicly. I gave what I think are to
>superior alternatives. What good reason is there to not follow either of those
>alternatives instead? Would it really not bother you if such a discussion was
>being conducted publicly about you?
>It's all about treating others the same way you would have them treat you. I
>don't think that the exercise of a little consideration of other peoples
>feelings and reputation is too much to ask for.

I don't consider any "alternatives" as reasonable.  Based on what, you say?
Based on fiddling with computer chess for 34 years now.  I knew about chess
2.x and 3.x before the first ACM tournament was held.  I found out about the
Greenblatt program the same way.  When a program does _anything_ interesting,
it becomes public knowledge.  And I can't imagine any valid reason to explain
why someone would work on a program in total secrecy for 10 years and then
explode onto the scene...

It _could_ happen.  But the chances of this are incredibly small.  There is
_something_ going on, most likely.  "what" is open to speculation.  But
there's something there to be sure.

If we hadn't already seen this exact same phenom happen in the past, it would
be one thing.  But we have.  And that leads to at _least_ suspicion.  Of course
the programmer could show his source code to someone that understands programs
and dispel any doubt whatsoever.  Or provide an executable since that is also
pretty easy to examine in many ways.  Such would certainly be required to
play in any ICGA tournament, for example...

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