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Subject: Quiescent Explosion

Author: macaroni

Date: 19:45:17 06/26/03

I recently wrote a computer chess program, using alpha-beta, null moving, and
quiescent search, in the main search function I use a history heuristic to sort
moves, and that seems to be doing just fine, I can't say the same for my q
search, the sorting procedure I use for that, is biggest capture, smallest
attacker. However, when I do a ply 5 search, i get 23,000 standard search nodes,
which seems acceptable to me, but I get 180,000 q nodes, which seems ridiculous.
Is this as bad as I think it is? is it expectded? should I just make my Eval,
MoveGen, MakePosition and UnmakePosition functions faster (if possible)? Also,
my program manages 75,380 nodes per second, is this high? someone once told me
that a high node/sec count is not always good.
Thanks everyone

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