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Subject: Re: New wooden chess computer by me.

Author: Vincent Diepeveen

Date: 12:30:10 01/28/05

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On January 28, 2005 at 15:14:57, Steve B wrote:

>>comeon tournament versions in past were 10000+ dollar a piece.
>the only dedicated computer alive today that can perhaps bring in $10,000 is
>Tasc 40(Version 2.5 King) with SB 30:
>and perhaps Prototype of Boris Handroid:

Not really, if i would make a huge wooden box, same size like tournament
machines those days. Some fans inside and say a cell type processor inside which
runs massively parallel eating little power, cost $20000, many would pay for it.

(oh for those who want to know why, a cell processor can deliver 250 gflops, as
opposed to a normal processor like 2.4Ghz A64 which is fastest single cpu
processor at the moment delivers 4.8 gflops)

Actually i'd love to buy a small cluster with diep at it. But i don't have the
money for it. At tournament machines you never make profit actually. It just
costs money.


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