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Subject: Re: FREE Hiarcs 7.01 update for Hiarcs 7.0 owners!

Author: Michael D. Sharpe

Date: 20:38:21 02/21/99

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On February 21, 1999 at 20:40:12, Lawrence S. Tamarkin wrote:

As a Hiarcs 4, 5, 6 and 7 customer I would say that yes the extra price is worth
what I am looking for. Windows features aren't that important to me and I value
th extra strenghth and the interconnection with Chess Assistant and the support
of EDP.

In addition, the Dell problem was fixed right away and that is a level of
service I haven't seen from many. The upgrade policy was easy and convenient to
previous buyers. Finally, Mark promised an free upgrade and deliveredon that

>Thanks for this great info Mark!
>Now at the risk of seeming very rude, Why is Hiarcs 7.0 signifcantly more
>expensive than any of the other chess playing programs, alot of them prefered
>Windows programs with many more features?  Why even the upgrade price of Hiarcs
>7.0 over Fritz5.32, for example, is $10 dollars higher, and Fritz5 comes with
>303,043 chess games! (more than 5000 annotated).
>Does a few (and very likely, temporary), extra rating points really worth so
>much? If you percieve me as a potential customer at a more market driven price,
>than you will be right!
>mrslug - the inkompetent chess software addict!
>And Hiarcs 2.1 owner.
>On February 21, 1999 at 18:16:29, Mark Uniacke wrote:
>>As promised some weeks ago a FREE Hiarcs 7.01 update is now available to
>>existing Hiarcs 7.0 CD-ROM PC owners from the HIARCS home page:
>>Please note this update is initially for PC owners only.
>>This is the first of many free updates for our existing Hiarcs 7.0 CD-ROM
>>It includes the following improvements and new features:
>>o Deep search: A special deep search selectivity option will be available
>>  specifically for correspondence chess and overnight analysis.
>>  Search Selectivity 6 and 7 are introduced with this version.
>>  WARNING: Testing indicates the deep search selectivities of 6 and 7
>>  are 50+ Elo weaker at tournament chess and faster time controls.
>>  However, overnight analysis appears to be improved, hence this feature is
>>  aimed at correspondence chess and overnight analysis of difficult positions
>>  requiring a deeper more selective search.
>>o Chess engine overall nearly 2% faster (averaged over P200MMX and PPro200).
>>o The Swedish language is now supported by this version. Many thanks to
>>  Jan Nystrom and Karl Gaard for the translations.  HIARCS now supports
>>  English, German, Spanish, French and Swedish languages!
>>o My seven year old son, Steven, has produced a new piece set for Hiarcs -
>>  we think you'll really like them!
>>o The Tasc Smartboard is now supported by this version.
>>o By popular demand the days left to refuel are displayable together with the
>>  option to refuel now from the HIARCS 7.0 CD-ROM. The refuel period has also
>>  been extended!
>>o This version has the Dell extended memory problem fix. The -l option.
>>o Extra shortcut keys have been added. There are now shortcuts for Flip Board
>>  and Search Selectivity.
>>o HIARCS executable slightly smaller for improved memory efficiency.
>>We hope all our customers enjoy this new update version.
>>Best wishes,
>>   Mark

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