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Subject: Re: FREE Hiarcs 7.01 update for Hiarcs 7.0 owners!

Author: Dan Kiski

Date: 21:32:58 02/21/99

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On February 21, 1999 at 23:38:21, Michael D. Sharpe wrote:

>On February 21, 1999 at 20:40:12, Lawrence S. Tamarkin wrote:
>As a Hiarcs 4, 5, 6 and 7 customer I would say that yes the extra price is worth
>what I am looking for. Windows features aren't that important to me and I value
>th extra strenghth and the interconnection with Chess Assistant and the support
>of EDP.
>In addition, the Dell problem was fixed right away and that is a level of
>service I haven't seen from many. The upgrade policy was easy and convenient to
>previous buyers. Finally, Mark promised an free upgrade and deliveredon that
The question was put to Mark about the price, I am also interested in his view
as an owner of all the top SSDF programs excluding Hiarcs my logic has always
followed how can it be justified double the price of all the others?.

>>Thanks for this great info Mark!
>>Now at the risk of seeming very rude, Why is Hiarcs 7.0 signifcantly more
>>expensive than any of the other chess playing programs, alot of them prefered
>>Windows programs with many more features?  Why even the upgrade price of Hiarcs
>>7.0 over Fritz5.32, for example, is $10 dollars higher, and Fritz5 comes with
>>303,043 chess games! (more than 5000 annotated).
>>Does a few (and very likely, temporary), extra rating points really worth so
>>much? If you percieve me as a potential customer at a more market driven price,
>>than you will be right!
>>mrslug - the inkompetent chess software addict!
>>And Hiarcs 2.1 owner.
>>On February 21, 1999 at 18:16:29, Mark Uniacke wrote:
>>>As promised some weeks ago a FREE Hiarcs 7.01 update is now available to
>>>existing Hiarcs 7.0 CD-ROM PC owners from the HIARCS home page:
>>>Please note this update is initially for PC owners only.
>>>This is the first of many free updates for our existing Hiarcs 7.0 CD-ROM
>>>It includes the following improvements and new features:
>>>o Deep search: A special deep search selectivity option will be available
>>>  specifically for correspondence chess and overnight analysis.
>>>  Search Selectivity 6 and 7 are introduced with this version.
>>>  WARNING: Testing indicates the deep search selectivities of 6 and 7
>>>  are 50+ Elo weaker at tournament chess and faster time controls.
>>>  However, overnight analysis appears to be improved, hence this feature is
>>>  aimed at correspondence chess and overnight analysis of difficult positions
>>>  requiring a deeper more selective search.
>>>o Chess engine overall nearly 2% faster (averaged over P200MMX and PPro200).
>>>o The Swedish language is now supported by this version. Many thanks to
>>>  Jan Nystrom and Karl Gaard for the translations.  HIARCS now supports
>>>  English, German, Spanish, French and Swedish languages!
>>>o My seven year old son, Steven, has produced a new piece set for Hiarcs -
>>>  we think you'll really like them!
>>>o The Tasc Smartboard is now supported by this version.
>>>o By popular demand the days left to refuel are displayable together with the
>>>  option to refuel now from the HIARCS 7.0 CD-ROM. The refuel period has also
>>>  been extended!
>>>o This version has the Dell extended memory problem fix. The -l option.
>>>o Extra shortcut keys have been added. There are now shortcuts for Flip Board
>>>  and Search Selectivity.
>>>o HIARCS executable slightly smaller for improved memory efficiency.
>>>We hope all our customers enjoy this new update version.
>>>Best wishes,
>>>   Mark

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