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Subject: Absolutely Bruce's place to delete Fernando's post.

Author: KarinsDad

Date: 22:21:52 07/22/99

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On July 23, 1999 at 00:05:23, Roger D Davis wrote:

>The tactful thing for Bruce to have done would have been to write to Fernando,
>express his opinion about Fernando's post, and ask Fernando to delete his own
>post. Failing that, he should have appealed to the other moderator for
>consensus, and both should have approached Fernando to delete his own post.  If
>the other moderator disagreed, the post would have stood. Thus, the moderators
>can moderate themselves, but one moderator cannot moderate another, since the
>moderators are, after all, on the same level (who has the most votes is
>irrelevant, since CCC is a fluid membership).
>All of this would (and should) have taken place in private.

Gee, I don't remember making up such a rule when we started. Let's leave
inappropriate posts on the forum for 8 hours until the offending poster gives
permission to delete it.

I also do not remember a rule that moderators were immune to moderation. I
believe we all agreed to the the CCC guidelines when we joined, even the

Quite frankly, if any mistakes were made, it was by Fernando, not Bruce:

1) Fernando didn't object when I forwarded back in June the previous moderators
guidelines which recommended that we allow a single moderator the freedom to
delete as necessary and said I thought they were good guidelines.
2) Fernando posted an inappropriate post (and then posted it again in Spanish,
hmmmmm, didn't he agree to abide by moderators decisions like the rest of us
when he signed up? I guess he thinks he's above all of the CCC guidelines).
3) Fernando made a stink about it when Bruce deleted it and did not talk to
Bruce and I via Email in private when it happened (and yes, resigning and
pointing fingers while doing it is just another way of making a stink). Bruce
did not bring it into the open, Fernando did.

The post was quite frankly not worth anyone's time, it was not worth defending,
it was not worth resigning over (I'm sure Fernando has an ulterior motive such
as not wanting the job) and it sure as heck wasn't worth the crapstorm that
resulted here (as Fernando knew it would).

Your view Roger is so typical of our society. The "criminal" is the victim
(giving Fernando or any moderator the delayed option of deleting his own post
over and over is like giving Karin the key to the cookie jar).

Horse hockey. Fernando started this whole thing and made himself out to be the
victim. Very smart of him. He took you and a bunch of other people in. Bruce
didn't step on Fernando's toes, he did his job. Fernando made it out to be an
aggressive action against himself. Uh huh.

And of all of the people in the world, I cannot believe I am defending Bruce's
actions (he and I almost always disagree), but he is in the right and Fernando
is in the wrong. IMHO.

KarinsDad :|

PS. I let tact fly out the window (as seen above) when I read for the umpteenth
time yet another way that the moderators should have been tactful and how they
should have done their job. As if the people posting this type of tripe are
always tactful (not talking about you specifically Roger, your post was very
tactful, just annoying to me personally due to it's point of view).

The tactful thing for Fernando to do was to resign for personal reasons if he
really felt that strongly and leave all of this other junk in the closet where
it belonged.

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