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Subject: SEE for forward pruning in Q. Search

Author: Tom King

Date: 13:32:10 08/04/99

Hi all,

What are the pro's and con's of using a static exchange evaluator (SEE)
for pruning captures in the Q. search? My program currently *doesn't*
use a SEE, but if I remember right, some programs like Crafty and Ferret
use a SEE to prune "losing" captures, i.e they examine a swap sequence on
a particular square, and if it appears to lose material, they prune that
capture right out.

Who else is using a SEE in this way? I was playing around with this kind
of thing at the weekend, and I found that pruning these "losing" captures
is not without risk - some test problems are solved a ply later than normal
(for my program, anyhow, and this could be a bug in my SEE). On the other
hand, search speed is increased, sometimes quite dramatically.

Opinions? Is pruning SEE losers in the Q. search a win?

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