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Subject: Re: Position from local chess club

Author: Howard Exner

Date: 03:31:49 11/05/99

Go up one level in this thread

1. b5+ Qxb5 2. Nd3 Qxc4+ 3. Nf4 Qxe2 4. Nxe2
Input this into Crafty and where it goes.
White has to take care not to fall into a drawn ending with the
eventually advanced black rook pawn. Also the KQN vs kq should be avoided.
I tried what looked like good defenses for black but always came up a move
or two short
of drawing. If black just goes ahead and advances the a pawn white will
capture the g7 pawn with the king and win by one tempo. Those endgame tablebases
should come in handy.

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