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Subject: Re: To Stefan Zipproth (Aristarch)

Author: Stefan Zipproth

Date: 02:33:43 08/07/02

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On August 06, 2002 at 20:26:27, Arshad F. Syed wrote:

>Are you planning to release Aristarch on the SSDF any time soon? It would be
>interesting to see how it would fare against Fritz and Junior at longer time
>controls controls over a larger sample of games.
>Also, congrats on a terrific job done programming this brilliant engine which I
>think is the best in the amateur category.

Of course I would be honored if SSDF would decide to test Aristarch, but I don't
know if I can influence their decision.

Thanks for your compliments! My personal opinion is that there is a chance that
Aristarch is the best amateur, but that is far from sure, and the others are not
sleeping. Especially long games are not tested.

Besides, I hope that someone is interested in finding better engine parameters,
but with version 3.9.68 I received only one single proposal. Every single UCI
parameter is a good candidate to try for improvement - especially combinations
of parameter changes are interesting (e. g. singular extensions instead of
single response extensions).


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