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Subject: Re: Natural move generation with bitboards (was Re:significant math)

Author: Steffan Westcott

Date: 03:47:24 11/21/02

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On November 21, 2002 at 05:55:59, Alessandro Damiani wrote:

>And for sliding pieces? The distance between the from- and the to-square is not
>fixed. In the worst case, for each to-square there are 7 from-squares for one
>direction. Do you keep one bitboard for each distance in one direction, ordered
>from 1 to 7? Just my first thought.

No, just one bitboard is used to store all possible destination squares for,
say, upward rook moves. Look for my example routines FillUpOccluded(),
FillRightOccluded(), etc in the CCC archives (when they get updated, eventually
:-< ) for a suggestion on how to calculate this type of bitboard quickly.

>Now I am thinking about my move ordering and how it is implemented with your
>idea........................I take a pizza Quattro Stagioni and a coke, thanks.
>Oops! *loool*

Don't forget the garlic bread.

>Thanks, Steffan!

You're welcome!


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