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Subject: Warp - Diep, WCCC

Author: Peter McKenzie

Date: 10:45:57 12/02/02

I've been looking at some positions from the Warp-Diep game from the WCCC in
Maastricht this year.  Here are a few test positions:

[D]7k/p3Qp1p/1p2n3/4nqP1/2P5/2P3R1/P5RP/3r2BK w - -

Warp played Qe8+ followed by Qa4 here, which wasn't very good.
Qf6+ was suggested and certainly looks like an improvement, although perhaps its
not so easy to white to make progress there.

The current Warp however prefers Qxa7, which also looks good.  Personally I like
Qxa7 better than Qf6.
What do other engines play here?

[D]8/p4pkp/1p2n3/2P1n1P1/8/1QP3R1/P5RP/2qr2BK b - -

Here Diep played Nf4!! which forces a draw.  How long do other engines take to
find Nf4 ?
Warp needs about 11 minutes on my PIII 1Ghz.

[D]8/p4pkp/1p6/2P1n1P1/5n2/1QP1q3/P1R4P/6RK w - -

This is the game after Nf4 Rc2 Rxg1 Rxg1 Qe3.
How long for your engine to show a draw score here?  Warp's score drops to +0.3
at depth 12, in about 3.5 minutes.  I'll let it continue to see when it sees the


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