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Subject: Re: a question to Tord about detecting threats in null move

Author: Arturo Ochoa

Date: 12:26:19 10/04/03

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>You may be right but what rating list are you talking about.
>Movei play in a lot of tournaments of winboard program and I never saw results
>of Mridul there.

Maybe, you  dont know what he is talking about as always. The Mridul´s engine is
a private engine. First, you should ask what is the status of this engine.

Mridul only is caring for Official Tournaments in the future not for the
Internet Tournaments Survey.

>Note that the programmer told me that he did not mean to offend me so there is
>no problem with him.
>There are problems with you because you always try to offend other people(not
>only me).

You are not a different exception because you always think that you have the
reason with a prominent arrogance. Of course, your asumptions are never based on
real results. So who is offending with week suppositions?

>>Oh another thing. He knows more about parallel searching, multithreading and
>>linux kernels than you do Christophe :)
>>Without Mridul, the Diep would have had severe problems getting to work as well
>>as it works now at the different supercomputers. Especially that itanium2
>You seem to be lucky to get support from people.
>I do not understand why so many people want to help you if you try to offend
>almost everybody.

He is lucky because he has been working for a goal for years. Many people has
understood where he is going to. I dont know really where you are going to. I
dont find your messages useful for somebody.

>One example:
>You call Crafty's evaluation primitive.
>What do you think that you get by doing it?
>If you have better evaluation function then you can be happy with it without
>insulting other people.

The patience is a quality that everybody will lose if you dont refrain of saying
nonsense declaration without a concrete evidence. It seems to be that you
believe to be so perfect that you dont realize about your real condition.

Stop and refrain your nonsense here.

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