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Subject: Kasparov 's insight into his match with X3D Fritz

Author: Mig Greengard

Date: 00:26:41 11/21/03

Had a long, fascinating session with Garry on Wednesday. He went over all the
games and talked deep and wide about computer chess and his matches. It was all
video-recorded for future display as a multimedia segment. Some of
it is recapped in the article I just put up here:

More will go up in text later. From a chess perspective my suspicions during the
game were confirmed when he said that he had analyzed just about all of game
four a few years ago when looking at that QGA line. He mostly spent his time
double-checking things to see if the Fritz team had found something nasty
somewhere. That one of his former analysts, Kharlov, had played that game up to
move 18 in 2001 was a tip-off. The position was already equal by that point.

Probably of more interest to you all is Kasparov's interest in computer-computer
games beyond simply preparing for a specific opponent. That part I recap in the
article linked to above. I'm seeing him again before he leaves Sunday so if you
have an interesting, (non-flame) question for him on comp chess I'll be happy to
put it to him (and take credit for it myself of course).

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