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Subject: Re: Moderator questions

Author: Micheal Cummings

Date: 19:52:40 12/13/98

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I will have to think hard about voting for a moderator who thinks they can
police the web for other activity from it members.

Alot of people seem to refer to r.g.c.c, what is that, a chess newsgroup or
something. well I have never been there so I have no idea.

I think alot of the past and current moderators and members have been attacked
in other places, that should not influence what goes on in here. I mean how far
you going to take it, do a background check on all people who want to join
before you make them members.

A moderators job is to moderate in this matter the rules and follow the charter
of CCC, nothing else.

We all know what is expected in CCC. The rules for here are not like other
places, So if someone attacks a member in another forum, so what. If it is
allowed there and if you do not like it, either follow it up with legal
proceedings, or do not post there so they can attack you.

It's like walking into a war torn country and saying do not shoot me because I
do not get shot at in my own country. when you go into any place you have to
realise that things will be differnt and have to accept them. You follow the
rules of the place you are in and abide by them. That is all that matters.

If you want to CCC moderators to police more than CCC. Then I think you have no
right too.

I just cannot see why people keep bring this up.

I see the moderators job as moderating posts of CCC, if they are okay, they
leave them on, if they attack another member, or are crap posts, or might be a
legal problem then you get rid of them. What is so hard about that. Any other
stuff that was bought has no right to be included.

My example, and I use this only as an EXAMPLE, I wil use  the person I am
replying to here, even though I am not really replying to his post but mostly
making my statement.

If I attacked Robert in another forum, and abused him and said he was stupid.
And then on the other hand I posted perfectly fine things on here. Then I do not
think anyone has the right to boot me out of here, unless I bring that abuse
into here. Not even if Robert himself was a moderator.



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