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Subject: Re: New wooden chess computer by me.

Author: Steve B

Date: 09:11:05 01/28/05

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>a) I took a beastiful wooden board
>B) I nailed in each square a diod light.
>C) I nailed a switch to put on-off
>It is only lacking the electronic part, the engine, etc. I mean, it cannot play
>but looks beatiful and, what a heck, everybody sell these days not complete
>Steve B, are you interested?
>Just 2300 bucks, shipping and handling included.

Dear Fern
do you have original box,manual,pieces,foam packing inserts,plastic outer shrink
wrap,mailing labels,warrenty,brochues,dust cover,free cup of coffee,copy of one
of your books in Polish,etc,etc?

if you have all of these items i offer 43 Danish Kroner

Ruthless Collecotr

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