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Subject: "Deep Blue ..." in 1995

Author: Ingo Althofer

Date: 01:04:30 10/14/02

In the log-files of the ICC hour with Feng Hsiung Hsu
the following passages can be found:

> EeEk(* DM) kibitzes: I heard that Fritz did
> play a match against Deep Blue in Hong Kong
> 1995,according to one of the Fritz programmers,
> is this not true?
> CrazyBird(DM) kibitzes:
> false advertisement. deep blue does not exist
> until 1996. the new chip was not completed
> until january 1996...
> ...
> EeEk(* DM) kibitzes: question from oddg: Back to
> the WC 1995, There was an entry with the name
> Deep Blue (Fritz won against DB), did it not have
> any relations to your Deep Blue? (EeEk: any idea
> how Deep Blue's name got in there, is this
> completely false?)
> CrazyBird(DM) kibitzes: deep blue did not play in
> 1995, since it did not exist yet.
> it was just deliberate relabeling on the part of
> commercial vendors, for obvious reasons.

I had a look back into the June 1995 issue of the
ICCA Journal and found the following data which
might clearify things:

* On p.97ff the contestants of the Hong Kong World
Championship are described. One of them is
"Deep Blue Prototype   by Feng-Hsiung Hsu, ..."

* On p.102 the Final Standings are given, with
"Pos.3  DEEP BLUE   USA  ...."

* On p.130 of the same issue there is an announcement:
   "The ACM Chess Challenge
   World Champon Kasparov to play IBM's DEEP BLUE"
In this announcement it reads
"DEEP BLUE is being developed at the IBM ... by
Feng-Hsiung Hsu, Murray Campbell and Joe Hoane,
under the supervision of Chung-Jen Tan. An earlier
version of the system won the 1994 ACM International
Computer Chess Championship at Cape May, New Jersey."

So, the name "Deep Blue (Prototype)" was not a
"deliberate relabeling on the part of commercial
vendors" but the official name in 1995.

Ingo Althofer.

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