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Subject: Strength question

Author: Bruce Moreland

Date: 14:07:41 01/05/03

How much stronger would your program be if move generation and make/unmake took
zero cycles?

My program spends 43% of its time on this.  That is move generation,
make/unmake, static exchange, and check detection.

So if on some hypothetical processor it got 100K nps, it would now get 175K nps
if it got everything for free.  That seems pretty substantial, but remember that
this essentially removes the guts of the program and replaces them with nothing.

If I could get 50% speedup in these areas of my program, say that I get rid of
22% of the execution time.

This program would go from 100K nps to 128K nps.  That seems a little less
important.  A 60 second solution would now take 47 seconds.

I think that it would be extremely difficult or impossible to make all of this
stuff go twice as fast, so why even try?


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