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Subject: Open letter to Chessbase 8 Programmers

Author: Bob Durrett

Date: 07:12:21 09/11/03

Open letter to Chessbase 8 Programmers:

I would like to be able to use ALL existing chess engines as analysis engines
running under Chessbase 8.  Please do the following:

(1)  Modify the Chessbase 8 software so that it can run UCI and Winboard
engines.  If the Fritz GUI can accommodate UCI engines, then it should be
possible for Chessbase 8 to do it too.  Chessbase 8 and UCI should not be

[UCI and Winboard (actually xboard) are 2 different protocols used by the
engines to communicate, kind of like 2 different languages.  Fritz 8 appears to
"understand" UCI but not xboard.  Anything chess engine that supports the xboard
communication protocol is a
winboard/xboard engine. The details on how to make a chess engine compatible by
the author I mean not the user) can be found here:

similarly any chess engine that supports the UCI protocol is a uci engine.
The equalavent document for UCI can be found here:]

 (2)  As an interim measure, publish your Chessbase protocol so that all chess
engine programmers who wish to do so can create Chessbase-native versions of
their engines.  How can you expect people to write chessbase-native versions of
their engines [especially amateur engines] when you do not publish the protocol?
 Do you expect people to pay you for that?  Did Bob Hyatt have to give you money
so that his engine, Crafty, would run under Chessbase 8?

(3)  Keep up with your competition.  Chess Assistant supports both winboard and
uci engines.  Why cannot Chessbase 8 do that too?  It should not be necessary to
eliminate the Chessbase protocol.  Just expand the capability of your software.

(4)  Fix Chessbase 8 so that Chessmaster 9000ís engine, The King, can be used as
an analysis engine running under Chessbase 8.  This may require some
coordination between you and the Chessmaster 9000 programmers.

Generally, please note that Microsoft has made a lot of money because they
published their protocols.  If you follow the lead of Bill Gates, you will get
as rich as he is!

Bob D.

P.S.  This was a synthesis of comments made by myself and others in a separate
thread.  I hope I have faithfully restated the facts and have not botched it up
too badly.  Apologies to whomever if I misinterpreted their comments.  : )

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