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Subject: Distributed perft, current standings and trends

Author: Albert Bertilsson

Date: 14:04:36 12/12/03

Starting from the top:

Current leader is Sukkubus run by Ingo Bauer, which seems to be the most
powerful single computer in the project finnishing off sub problems in 3 minutes

Number to is a collection of computers run by Aaron Gordon, suffered heavily
from the break this morning and not able to finnish any problems for most of the
day, but now he is back, as strong as ever. Having several powerful computers he
is likely to overtake Sukkubus during the night.

Third is Joost_Buijs (real name unknown). My guess from log info is hinting
towards 3 very powerful computers dealing easily with the sub problems. This guy
will probably be heading for second place soon.

Fourth (rather surprisingly) is my programming computer, not the fastest
computer on the block but actually got a 10 problem head start and also didn't
suffer from the internet break down here (running on LAN). I guess this computer
will slide down in after a while.

Fifth is Erik Robertsson suffering from the server break and from one other
unknown break this computer seems to slightly faster then my programming
computer, we will find out in a day or two if he will pass my programming comp.
This poor computer have also completed the largest problem so far a monster of
1,072786406278E+12 nodes.

Sixth are my office computers, one doing 24/7 but without the hardware to be
among the top players, and of course my little portable that will join during
the night to possibly help the stats a little bit. My poor office computer get a
pat on the back for dealing with the second and third largest problems so far.

Number seven is Slate (guess is that Slater Wold is running this computer), a
single computer doing quite well considering a late join and a long break this
day. Might eventually climb a few places if working undisturbed.

Number eight is estakako, run by Jaime Benito de Valle Ruiz, this computer got
an unlucky start with very little hash but is now doing several problem every
hour, gets the price for best improvement ;)

Number nine is sorgenkind, unknown by my, trailing estakako closely. Joined late
but now keeping a steady pace.

Number ten is megamau who only finnished a single problem (a double) before the
break, I hope this computer will be back soon to show what it can do.

Of course there are many not on the top list I hope some of them will start
turning in more problems soon.

All in all there are 10 active participants that has calculated a problem, I
hope that more will join.

With this pace the problem will likely take around two weeks, a better estimate
will be possible tomorrow. Thanx for all joining this project, it seems to go on
just fine now... I'll be back tomorrow with another "current standings and

/Regards Albert

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