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Subject: When you read.. you learn...

Author: Peter Skinner

Date: 14:39:38 05/28/05

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On May 28, 2005 at 12:22:16, Christopher Conkie wrote:

>Last time Peter.
>This one is not able to attach itself to exe's.
>Ask any programmer here. I am sure that they can confirm this.
>In fact read this.....
>This is the exact worm. If you ran Fafis 2.0 you should not be on the web if you
>Perform the actions in this webpage to secure your system and be safe in the
>knowledge that even for you, there is a little bit of good in me.

Actually Chris there _is_ a possibility that this worm _can_ infect other files
on the system without the user knowing.

It has the capability of connecting to an irc server, and the "owner" can then
execute commands on the infected box. This includes appending files.

The attacker could download a specific file, add the worm code to it, and
re-upload it to the comprimised computer with little effort. What better file to
hide it in than a c node file that will possibly be compiled and distributed to

Just knowing this gives me reasonable doubt as to Rafael's participation in
infecting users.

Seeing how you read that bulletin yourself, how is it not possible that you
still remain steadfast against Rafael?


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