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Subject: Re: WMCCC

Author: Thorsten Czub

Date: 03:57:37 09/26/97

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On September 26, 1997 at 00:04:12, Bruce Moreland wrote:



>I don't have any independent information about this.  The only 

>information I have about MChess is from you.  It sounds like they are 

>#1 on the wait list.  Assuming they applied after the entries were 

>selected, isn't this a good compromise situation?  The ICCA doesn't 

>have to bump anyone out of the tournament, but there is a very very 

>good chance that another program will drop out, and MChess will get to 


They are number one on the waiting list. Yes. Thats true.



>I don't know when they applied.  I don't know what the wait list 

>situation is.  I don't know what the ICCA has said to Schreiner/Hirsch. 

> I don't know the contents of any mail sent from Schreiner/Hirsch to 

>the ICCA.

It is very nice that you tell me anything what you DON'T know.

 Brilliant idea. We should exchange more of these I DON'T KNOW-lists ! 


ok, don't let us fight about this.

 You have a point of view that sees positive reasons behind ICCA 

 From my point of view the same things look more negative.


You have a list of things YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT,

 i have heard somebody - a tournament director say to a participant:

 if you don't come with me, I will kick you in the face...

 (The participant this was said is MCHESS, the operator was exactly 
mr.Peter Schreiner, and the event this happened was PADERBORN 1995. 
Ossi Weiner is a witness [and some others] and Prof. Jaap van den Herik 
is the guy told this sentence.). 


Maybe if you would have SEEN the same things I have seen, you would 
have a different point of view.



Please don't let us fight about this.

 Now you will maybe again tell that I attack the ICCA. How can I ?

 When I tell about an event that happened in Paderborn, and this event 
is an attack of an ICCA-official against one of my friends, NOT I AM 
ATTACKING them, they are attacking me with trying to hit my friend in 
the face.


Of course these kind of behaviour is not making me satisfied and 

 Another thing is that they did not allow me to pay further 
membership-money without any law or reason or decision from the ICCA 

 Why ? Cause I name the event Paderborn and what happened ?


I don't want to react like tueschen now.

 In Aegon I have tried to TALK with Jaap van den Herik about these 

 sentence he said against Mchess operator Peter SChreiner.

 We had also email correspondance about my membership and them banning 


I try to talk with them about the things. And in a normal way. 

 And the result ? Nothing. 

 Maybe this is the best. Often nothing is better than more.

 I would not like to have friends who attack my friends...


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