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Subject: Wanted: Deep Blue vs. today's top programs recap

Author: Mig Greengard

Date: 17:47:44 08/25/01

Sorry to dredge this up yet again, and ignore this rather than turn it into a
flame war or something worse. I know feelings on this topic can run hot.

Although we do not have enough of Deep Blue's games to make anywhere near an
accurate assessment of its chess strength, I am requesting a summary of thoughts
on how today's top programs measure up on a science level. In the past I've seen
some admirably objective breakdowns on this topic from Bob Hyatt and a few
others, but did not save them.

Put Deep Fritz, or other top programs, on the best available platform on which
they can run, and I imagine this is what they will have in Bahrain, and knowing
what we do about DB, what comparisons can we make?

Subjective arguments (chess knowledge in particular) are also welcome, but
should be concise as opposed to argumentative!

Thanks, Mig


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