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Subject: Re: is the

Author: Tom Kerrigan

Date: 11:25:32 07/24/98

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On July 24, 1998 at 11:54:48, Roberto Waldteufel wrote:

>If I understand you correctly, Unix/Linux OS allocates program memory in RAM,
>but Windows95 only allocates virtual memory that is on disc and is not swapped
>into RAM until it is used? That would seem to be a big advantage over the
>Windows method for a chess program.

No, you still don't get it.

Only backwards "operating systems" like Windows 3.1 and the Mac OS "allocate

Both Windows 95 and UNIX use virtual memory. RAM is divided into thousands of
pages and the pages are used as cache lines to this virtual memory. The idea is
exactly the same for both operating systems. There may be minor differences
between the policies to determine which addrseses in virtual memory are used and
which pages are swapped in and when.

It sounds like your program runs fine under Windows after an initial delay. It's
almost silly to think that one system would have a "big advantage" over another
if the program runs fine under both...


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