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Subject: Re: About Fafis...

Author: Peter Skinner

Date: 08:46:11 05/28/05

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On May 28, 2005 at 11:34:23, Christopher Conkie wrote:

>And where did anyone here say it was an outright clone here Peter?

From the "gist" of the messages, it looks like Fafis is being called a Crafty

>They are very very similar in lots of ways, in fact Fafis it contains strings
>that are only found in Crafty. This does not in itself constitute a proof but
>when added to all other similarities, you have to say that obvious is too weak >a word.

There are alot of similarities in George Bush Jr's head and a hot air balloon...
that doesn't mean one is a clone of the other either.

>Regardless of the these stark similarities of the two programs, ask yourself
>this simple question.
>Would you entertain the thought of using a program from an author who supplied >a version to all in the community with a worm inside it?

Well there was a previous version of Crafty that I supplied to people after I
compiled it that had a virus in it, and thankfully someone let me know before it
went out to others. I had one on my system and it infected every single exe on
my system. Accidents do happen.

>Not only that, but by demonstration on all known information was placed inside

Read above. There are exceptions to that rule....

>Would you like to use an engine by an author who does this?

If were an accident, yes. To err is human, to really mess things up requires a
computer :)


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