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Subject: Re: WMCCC

Author: Thorsten Czub

Date: 15:19:27 09/25/97

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>Perhaps you could tell us what happened, and how you found out about 

>it, so we can all argue about the same things, rather than *starting* 

>with the attacks on the ICCA in general?




Again you count my statements towards ICCA as attacks.

 There is no attack in it.

 I do only claim that ICCA seems to be develop into an organisation that 
is not for the programmers but against them.


But let me tell the following:


Marty has lost money due to a criminal german computerchess 
distrimbutor called Martin stamer and his company Eurochess.

 He sold Mchess in Europe/germany exclusively.


For this reason Marty has to work, and computerchess is not anymore his 
JOB . He has to finance his life-existing using working into a 


A second thing that happened is, that Peter Schreiner who normally 
operates Mchess has broken his FUSSGELENK / foot-joint (sorry, I don't 
know the english word for it, it is the part that connects leg with 


Both things seem to be the reason that

 a) mchess overstepped subscribe-date

 b) is not anymore able to subscribe as professional cause marty has no 


ICCA can now decide:


a) not accept Marty's request for participating in Paris

 b) help him to participate as semi-prof like others have been 


To benefit computerchess and as a service to a ICCA member who has 
brought much to computerchess and ICCA (Marty is a paying member and a 
champ) , it should be possible to organize a way that Marty is IN .


In fact that is what I would expect a computerchess organisation to do, 
that claims to be FOR the programmers. 


These seem to be the facts. Peter Schreiner ( has more 
data about it, i don't know why he remains silent, I thought he is a 
member of this club/here ?! 

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